preorder ubran trial tricky

Sup’ Tricksters?
Are you holding onto your handlebar? If not, you better do it, cause we have some awesome news for ya.

Urban Trial Tricky® launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch on June 25th.
Game will cost 14,99 EUR/ 13,99 GBP/14,99 USD
…but wait the minute. There’s more!

You can pre-order Urban Trial Tricky® now to get a sweet 10% discount!

What awaits you in Urban Trial Tricky®?

1. Exciting casual gameplay

2. Amazing variety of tricks, platforming and racing

3. Killer tricks and loads of combos

4. Super-smooth experience in 60 FPS

5. Three single-player modes

6. Over 30 levels + side challenges

7. Savage customization options

8. Rule the leaderboards

9. Infinite gameplay

10. More freedom, more fun. Ride in both directions.

See you on the track!